About Us

Our passion for antiques started in 1990 with a purchase of a larger home and the desire for quality home furnishings. Visits to Canton, Texas Trade Days brought numerous treasures into our home.  My family learned to appreciate the fine look of Victorian Era furniture and we used them in our everyday lives. We had a passion for ornately carved furniture but it had to have quality and it had to fit our pocket book.​

RESTORATION became the next challenge and it quickly became a passion for excellence.  Staebel Antiques has a full restoration and refinishing shop near Liberty Hill, TX capable of making or repairing any broken or missing wooden part. Our QUALITY of restoration and refinish work is EXCELLENT.

 Our specialties are:

*  Making matching table leaves for Dining Tables

*  Restoring and Refinishing Dining Chairs

*  Applying lacquer finishes to customer specifications

*  Re-RURPOSING Antique Backsplashes into Towel Bars

*  Making End Table SHOWCASES for TEXAS A&M Corpmen Boots 


* We have used  Staebel Antiques for more than 15 years for many projects from Quilt racks to unusual window treatments using various architectural elements. His work is excellent and very professional. We continue to use him today.  Lyn & Terry Scheffer  Houston, Texas